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Offering pharmacogenomic (PGx) consulting and complete medication management (CMM) to optimize patient therapy as part of a personalized medicine approach.

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Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is a clinical tool available as part of team based, patient-centered CMM (complete medication management) to reduce traditional trial-and-error prescribing in favor of a precision approach.

PGx determines:

  • How a patient will metabolize hundreds of medications
  • If the medication is effective
  • If dose adjustment is needed
  • If there is increased risk for serious side effects

Add Dr. Senn to your care team to optimize patient outcomes.

Headshot of Dr. Carrie Senn, who offers pharmacogenomic (PGx) consulting and complete medicine management services

Providers PGx and CMM Optimize Patient Outcomes

Throughout my pharmacy career I have witnessed patients, friends, and family waste valuable time and money trying to find the right medication therapies. Having a pharmacist as a resource on your team can ease your workload and improve profitability for your practice.

Medications a Source of Patient Harm?

Did you know that medications are a leading source of patient harm, and the fourth leading cause of death in the United States? Studies estimate up to 99% of the population have at least one pharmacogenetic variant that carries a significant level of risk for the most prescribed drugs. These genetic differences can mean increased risk for adverse effects or treatment failures. A personalized medicine approach is not only more precise, but also more patient-centric, proactive, preemptive, and participatory.

Who Benefits from Pharmacogenomics?

  • Patients with poly pharmacy (taking 5+ medications)
  • Patients taking neuropsychiatric or cardiology medications or PPIs
  • Patients with current or past history of adverse medication effects
  • Patients at risk for conditions that may require treatment with medications known to have PGx risk

Let me help your practice with:

  • Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Testing and Consultation
  • Complete Medication Therapy Management (CMM)
    Immunizations and Travel Medicine

I am available on a contract basis and can scale to your practice needs.

Pharmacogenomic (PGx) consultant Dr. Senn with her canine companions

Patients Flourish with Personalized Medicine

Are you concerned about adverse medication effects or managing your medications? Are you interested in PGx testing?

Find the Answers You're Looking For

Please reach out to learn if you'll benefit from personalized medicine management.

Personalized Medicine Team up with Dr. Senn

Take advantage of pharmacogenomic (PGx) consulting with complete medication management (CMM). You can expect:

  • Improved drug efficacy and safety, improved adherence, decreased hospitalizations
  • Fewer patient follow-up visits means more time for new patients
  • Lower healthcare cost for patient


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